It seems we might have underestimated the internet-love for the 808. It’s overwhelming how many blogs featured the MR-808! Thank you all! So, we picked the comments we liked the most (german / english mixed) for your amusement: 

(CBS News) The election is over and we can get back to the „serious business“ of cat videos, amazing technology, geek culture, music and all other things viral here at The Feed. Hip hip, hooray! So let’s start the post-election fun off with an 80s drumming robot in the video above.CBS

 Moritz Simon Geist recreated the iconic 808 drum-machine using analog parts and robotic controllers, experimenting with many instruments in order to recreate the 808’s repertoire.BoingBoing

“ZDF Kulturpalast Dokumentation 08.11.2012 ZDF Kulturpalast

That’s a fine gimmick, but there’s a lot of craft here. First off, the band itself is making some great music. They really are a band, and the project’s flash still passes the “close your eyes and you’ll still like it” test. CreatDigitalMusic

 This machine, built by musician/roboticist Moritz Simon Geist, is a love letter to the classic 80′s sound maker. And it’s a truly beautiful love letter.this8bitlife

Robot rock: The incredible giant drum machine where samples are replaced with real instruments.Daily Mail (UK)

Every now and then, something so genius pops up that delights and moves.Talent Blog

Moritz Simon Geist appreciates the effort [of the orginal 808, Anm.], but has built a solution for those who think the drum machine is a little too perfect.Engadged

German musician cum robot-hacker cum sonic-terrorist Moritz Simon Geist had tired of his trusty TR-808; deciding to put his experience in robotic music making to the ultimate test. Henceforth, the MR-808 was

 Wie super muss man eigentlich sein eine TR-808 mit Robotern nachzubauen? Erschaffen von Moritz Simon Geist, verschlägt es mir die Sprache.“ xsteadfastx

 “Now that’s a high tech emulation of a low tech gadget.” technabob

„The machine has the same key layout as its far smaller predecessor but to spare Geist acrobatics, it can be controlled from its computer terminal.“ New Scientist

While this drum machine is most impressive, I can’t say I’ll be lining up to be a roadie anytime soon..” Make

 Moritz Simon Geist decided he wanted nothing to do with [all] the wimpy computer-based emulations of a TR-808.hackaday

 Moritz Simon Geist created the MR-808 – described as ‘the first drum robot that reproduces the drum sounds of the 80′s. The installation is a version of the famous Roland TR-808 – but with robots playing the drum sounds!synthtopia

 Sehr geil, auch wenn das Ding so absolut gar nicht nach einer 808

„But more than just creating a kickass installation, Geist wanted to use the machine onstage, allowing him to move away from using computer-made sounds for a live performance.“ CreatorsProject

 His site, is a treasure trove of documentation with articles about how his uses the Arduino, Ableton Live and Max/MSP to create his robotic instruments.chordophone

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So that’s  where we are heading: mad scientists playing with robots, more internet videos and good music. This future doesn’t sound too bad?

UPDATE: You can find the more comments in this updated article

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