Electronic Music with Robots!

The robotic sound collective Sonic Robots presents performances and installations where electronic music is played live – by Robots!
Sonic Robots is an amorphous group of friends and artists who work together constantly or project based.

Moritz Simon Geist

IMG_8002_2 Moritz Simon Geist, born in 1981. His projects range from electronic music performances to robotic sound installations. His robotic installations and performances have so far been shown in numerous European festivals and exhibitions including Ars Electronica 2014, Club Transmediale 2013, Mapping Festival [CH]. He has also collaborated with performers such as Mouse on Mars and Tyondai Braxton. He holds talks on the progression of robotics and society. In 2015, he was awarded the Artist-In-Residence-Stipend for the Free State of Saxony.
His background is both as a classical musician and a robotics engineer, with an advanced expertise in 3-D Printing. Moritz Simon Geist lives and works in Dresden, Germany.

“His concept is treating some important questions of the future, like the perception of technology, the robotization of society or the artificial intelligence, but still comes in a very playful and entertaining way: through electronical music.” (Alain Bieber)

“Turning back to physical roots of electronic music, Geist proposes an open source, hack based approach to different levels of music making – the acoustics, performance and production. His robotic ensembles expose the inner workings of electronic music by turning back to the instruments of the 80s, discovering and illustrating the mechanisms behind the well-known electronic music sound diapason. His proposal expresses a long-term dedication and enthusiasm to his ongoing research on musical robots, with the aim of creating a live performance.“ (Neja Tomšič)


Jakob A. Geist

Sound artist and PR

jakob A geistJakob A. Geist has a background in classical singing, african percussion and piano as well as music and video production. He is a vocalist in various projects and performed at music festivals and numerous venues all over Europe, partly with a scholarship from the Volkswagen Soundfoundation. In recent years, Jakob focused on contemporarty electronic music. He played at several clubs and festivals such as the Berlinale 2015/16, Fusion Festival 2014, CTM2013 and hosts regular DJ nights with a fusion of live musicians andcontemporary electronic music.
At SONIC ROBOTS Jakob creates live visuals effects and live acoustic modulation. Jakob is responsible for PR and Arts Collaborations as well as the visual productions, which links to his interest in innovation and digital transformation.

Karsten Gebbert

Video Artists

IMG_3391Karsten Gebbert is a media artist turned computer scientist primarily focused on video programming, sound synthesis, and functional programming. At Sonic Robots he focuses on video programming and on-stage visual effects.
Karsten earned his degree in Fine Art from the Middelsex University London in 2007, and went on to teaching electronics at Central Saint-Martins, London. Besides Sonic Robots Karsten works with artists such as Loop.ph (London) or Smadar Dreyfus.
He experiments with theoretical models of computation, type theory, lambda calculus and the inner dynamics of synthesized sound and worked as a software engineer at several startup companies in Berlin on rendering systems for large scale media projections. Karsten lives and works in Berlin.



Moritz Simon Geist at Soundcloud
Collaboration w/ Mouse on Mars
Science Fiction Children (Robot Elektro Performance)
Pjetro Moki, Simon Geist (IDM)
Die drei düsteren Eichen (Noise)
The Dots


Sonic robots (Automated music robots)
Redquartett (Nerd-Quartette)
Akliebe (Musik für Bühne und Film)

Talks, Presentations & Publications

„Marvin und der Blues“ [29C3, 2012 CCH Hamburg]
„Schlaflos im Weltall“ [Republica, 2012 ]
“Hackerbrause Quartett” [Redquartett 2012]
OLED-Technologie [Fraunhofer IPMS, 2009]
OLED-Technologie and printed electronics [TPE 2010]

Releases (Audio)

11.06.2011 The Dots – Next Time We Shall Have It All Our Own Way [DKR094]
01.12.2008 The Dots – Fake Modern Love Songs [digitalkunstrasen050]
02.01.2007 The Dots – Fashion for the dressed and naked [digitalkunstrasen017]
05.12.2005 [neureal009] Die III Duesteren Eichen – Ein Kranz von Rosen
13.10.2004 [neureal004] Pjetro Moki – Endoskopia
07.05.2004 [neureal003] Simon Geist – Simon Geist
12.02.2004 [neureal001] Pjetro Moki – Neurogenica




Volkswagen Soundfoundation [2009-2011]
Geräuschfreunde [2004-2005]
Kazoosh) [2011-2012]